Being a Millennial: Why it doesn’t suck

My generation, technically Generation Y, has been given the name “the millennials.” Even just reading the word can make me cringe sometimes. So, then why did I title my blog and even kind of title myself using that word? WELL, let me tell you! For some reason I have been thinking about this label a lot lately, and I have decided to embrace it because maybe it’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Here’s all the reasons I am proud to be a millennial:

The “everyone deserves a trophy” mindset

No, maybe we shouldn’t have all been given trophies for participation at soccer games or swim meets. But, what is really wrong with acknowledging the work or effort that everyone puts in? What’s wrong with saying good job to the person who at least attempted? The truth is, not everyone is going to win or earn that promotion, and I’ve always known that. At least as a millennial, I can recognize the work and acknowledge the effort that everyone is putting in. You didn’t sell every customer on a opening a credit card at your retail position today? That’s okay, at least you asked every customer. You made it through the day without a panic attack or mental breakdown? Good job. I’m proud of you.

The fact is, not every accomplishment is going to be a big one. But, I hope that I can acknowledge even people’s smallest victories. If this quality makes me an enabler of their “entitled attitude” then I’m fine with it. Maybe my recognition will be the push that person needs to work harder and get that big accomplishment next time.

“Social Justice Warriors”

I guess if this is one of the worst things you can call me, I’m doing alright in life. I don’t see a problem with being a warrior for social justice that I truly believe in. I understand that on the internet, people can be REALLY radical and take things WAY too far. However, with that being said, anyone with a brain can see that people from all sides of all arguments can be radical or say things that can offend. I would say that the title “Social Justice Warrior” is reserved solely for those of us on the liberal side of things.

There are better ways to help your cause than to stick to talking all about the issues online. You can volunteer, you can go out and protest, you can seek out people who truly need the help and give it to them. But, we can’t all go out and do those things on a regular basis. What we can do is talk about the issues. We can shed light on the things that we feel are unjust and speak about ways to make them more just (is that even grammatically correct?). And all you baby boomers who just love to hate on us for speaking out about what we believe, remember that there was time when you were just as passionate about social injustice as we are now. However, you didn’t have Twitter or Facebook or a blog to fight that good fight on.

“Politically Correct”

If I have to hear one more person complain about the need to always be politically correct, I might scream. I have NEVER understood what would be the negative in trying not to offend people. When our parents and grandparents were growing up, politically correctness wasn’t an issue because we were still treating people of color like less than (you could even argue that this is still the case, but that’s a blog post for another day). The “N” word was thrown around like it was nothing. But, the truth is as a white person arguing that “it’s just word,” you seem like an ass. The “N” word was used as a tool of oppression and by using it, you’re saying that it doesn’t matter what it once meant because “slavery doesn’t exist anymore.” And, you’re right, slavery doesn’t exist anymore, but that word still holds the same connotations and hurt feelings that they once held.

So, yeah, I’d like you to be politically correct because yes, I DO care about how people feel. And I still fail to see the issue with that. So, if being politically correct offends you so much, sue me. Which brings us to:

“You’re so damn sensitive, you snowflake”

You right tho. I got feelings, and I’m in touch with them. I feel things very deeply, and I keep that very close to the surface. I am very passionate about the things I think, say, do, write, etc. When those things are questioned or insulted, it hurts, and I’m going to make that known. This isn’t to say that I am not capable of having an adult conversation laced with differing opinions. However, those conversations do not also need to be laced with insults at my character or my stupidity based on my beliefs.


I could probably write and write and WRITE about this, but I’ll stop here. Basically, all I’m saying is, the things that you might think make my generation a joke, I’m embracing. I am passionate, I am compassionate, I am accepting, I am determined, I am young, and I am so much more.

To my fellow millennials: embrace who you are. Embrace your passions. Embrace it all and be unapologetically you. We don’t have to be ashamed of who we are because older generations don’t understand us.

To the “older generations:” I don’t hate you or have any sore feelings towards you. I actually have lots of respect for you. I just ask for the same respect in return and an understanding that we’re just at different stages of our lives.

thanks for reading my pure thoughts

much love

alexa xx




  1. I completely agree with this! The participation trophy talking point is a bit of a hot button for me. I always got “participation trophies’ and I would hold it, even if I was crying because we lost the state volleyball championship. Did that trophy mean a lot to me? No, it wasn’t the same as knowing that your team won.

    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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