Death of Feminism?

WARNING: I am about to be potentially problematic.

Lately, all over the internet, I have seen so many people discussing white feminism versus black feminism. And if I’m being honest, it makes me SICK to my damn stomach.

Feminism is NOT about which race of women is better than the other. That’s honestly the complete opposite of what feminism is. Being a feminist should be lifting each other up and supporting each other.

I am not pointing fingers. I am not saying one side is to blame. I’m not writing this because I’m like “who can I piss off today?” I’m writing this because I want us all to be held accountable. I want to tell you all to stop trying to one up each other and stand together.

The other day I was on Facebook and I saw a photo that had a white woman, a hispanic woman, an asian woman, and a black woman. And under this photo, there was a comment that said, “the only real woman here is the black woman.” I truly thought I was gonna see that it was a man making this comment, and I was sickened to find out that it was a woman. My question is, “Why? What is beneficial for anyone in that situation?” As a white woman, I can not and will not say that I understand the different struggles that women of color deal with. I understand that every woman has her own set of struggles, and I want to help anyone who needs it through those struggles.

Putting these gaps between ourselves isn’t going to get us anywhere, and it’s only going to force us backwards. I don’t want to see anymore woman against woman posts. Saying these things about other women makes men think it’s okay to say it about women. Is that truly what we want? Isn’t that like..I don’t know…EXACTLY WHAT WE SHOULD BE TRYING TO PUT A STOP TO?ย If you are a woman reading this, know that I support you and will fight for you regardless of your skin color. And I hope that as a woman, you feel the same way.

I want to be proud to be fighting for feminism, but all this hatred is making that hard for me right now, and I just don’t like that. Feminism should be a unifying movement and I feel that it can get so divided sometimes.

sorry bout that click bait xx

excited to hear your thoughts on this; thanks for reading

much love



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